Node Inputs

  • output (any): The value or data that you want to name and pass on as the output.
  • output name (text, optional): The label you assign to the output. If not provided, the output will still be recorded but without a specific name.

Node Output

This node does not generate any outputs by itself, rather it compiles the provided inputs into a named output that can be used elsewhere.

Node Functionality

The “Output” node serves a special purpose in flows. It takes any given input and allows you to assign a name to it. This forms a named output, which can then be easily identified and used in subsequent steps of an flow or even outside the current workflow.

When To Use

Use the “Output” node whenever you need to clearly label and pass data from one stage of an flow to another, or when you need to return results to a triggering agent. It is especially handy in complex flows where tracking and utilizing specific pieces of data is crucial. This could involve results from data processing, calculation outputs, or even simple status messages that you want to reference later.