What is a Gumloop credit?

Credits are the currency used on Gumloop that allow you to run flows. Certain actions on Gumloop cost credits. The cost is generally reflective of the actions cost to us. The more credits you have on your account the more of these actions you’ll be able to perform.

Subscription tiers come with a base number of credits but you have the option to purchase more at any time.

What actions cost credits?

  • Node executions: By default, nodes cost 0 credits. However, certain nodes that use paid APIs cost credits proportional to the cost of the API.
  • Flow runs: the action of executing a flow (regardless of its size or complexity) costs 1 credit.

Credit breakdown

AI Nodes

Each AI call costs credits proportional to the cost of the model being used.

  • An Advanced AI call costs 20 credits (GPT4o, Claude 3 Opus)
  • Standard AI calls cost 2 credits
  • All AI nodes generally use 1 AI call, except for the summarizer which uses may use several if the content to summarize is very large.

Note : You’re able to reduce the credits costs by providing your own API key, see last section

Other Nodes

  • Search Companies: 30
  • Enrich Contact Information: 60
  • Enrich Company Information: 60
  • Website Crawler: 10
  • Web Agent Scraper: 10
  • Website Scraper: 1
  • Advanced Website Scraper: 2
  • Web search: 2
  • Advanced Web Search: 5
  • Run Code: 2
  • Translate: 1
  • Email Validator: 10

Why do we use credits?

We want the platform to be usage based and the most basic form of usage is the execution of a node or a flow run. Not all nodes are created equal however! Some nodes (like the contact information enrichment node) use very expensive APIs under the hood. Other nodes like the ‘combine text’ node cost almost nothing.

If we simply counted node executions, the person using only data enrichment would be costing us thousands of dollars while the person only using combine text wouldn’t be getting value out of the platform.

Read a detailed breakdown of why we transistioned to a credit based system here.

How to Reduce Credit costs

For certain nodes, we allow you to provide your own API key. This dramatically reduces the cost for Gumloop and allows us to reduce the cost of that node to 1 credit.

Ex: a GPT4o query may cost 20 credits, but if you provide your own API key that cost drops to 1 credit.

If you’re already subscribed to a service and want to pay for it directly through your API key, this is the absolute best way to save Gumloop Credits.

How do I know how many credits a node costs?

You can hover over any node’s ’?’ icon to view the tooltip to see the credit cost associated with it.

How do I get more credits?

Credits are allocated monthly based on the tier you subscribe to + can be purchased in bundles.

The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are!

See our pricing page here to explore our subscription tier and bundles.

Do credits roll over every month?

Credits do not roll over between months.