A trigger is the easiest way to run an flow based on some external event happening.

Triggers can be:

  • Time Based
  • Webhooks
  • New Emails
  • New Slack Messages

Triggers are only available on the Starter tier.

Trigger Creation

Once you’ve built an flow and saved it (saving is an important step) you will be able to create a trigger.

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Navigate to the left hand side of your flow building screen and click on the ‘Your Triggers’ menu option.

Select the type of trigger you want from the popup menu of options.

Trigger Deletion

One flow can have many triggers. Each will be listed in this ‘Your Triggers’ menu located on the left side of the flow building view.

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Failed Flow Runs

A trigger will be deleted automatically when 3 consecutive flow runs triggered have failed.

Keep an eye on the status of your runs!

Trigger Types

Time Based

Time based triggers are used to run flows on a schedule. Ex: you want your flow to run every morning at 9am, every 10 minutes, every monday at noon etc.

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Webhook triggers are the best way to use an flow like an API. You can start the flow and get it’s output from your own project!

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Check out our guide on building an API with Gumloop (should be on the left side) for more details on how to start flows via webhook and how to get the output.

Gmail Email Received

Gmail triggers are used for triggering flows whenever you receive a new email.

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More triggers coming soon (GitHub events, Discord, etc.)