Workspaces are the best way to collaborate with others on an flow and/or organize many related flows.

What is a Gumloop Workspace

A workspace is a great way to share flows, agents and authorized credentials with others. Simply name your workspace and add collaborators with their respective emails.

Everyone involved in a workspace will it as an option in the dropdown when clicking on their user profile icon.

When you’ve selected a workspace, all flows you create will be associated to the workspace and will be visible by collaborators. The same applies for agents, your run history and the credentials you sign in with.

Switching between Workspaces

You have the option of using Gumloop via your personal account (this is the default state) or switching between your available workspaces.

Click on your profile icon to switch between workspaces option or your personal account.

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Note: When you have selected a workspace, you will not be able to see any of your personal flows. The states are mutually exclusive.


A workspace can have many flows within it. All of these can be viewed under that workspace on the workspaces page.

Select one, make your modifications and save it for your collegues to view/run later

We do not support concurrent modifications (yet) so be cautious about overwritting an existing version of an flow with a later save.