What is a Workbook

A workbook is a grouping of flows in one document. Similar to the way a Google Sheet is a grouping of sheets in one document.

Workbooks allow you to more easily keep related flows organized and also nest flows easily without needing to switch browser tabs.

When to use Workbooks

All flows are workbooks by default. You’ll notice in the bottom left corner of your screen that there is a tab present.

Alt text

How to use Workbooks

The ‘tabs’ at the bottom of your screen represent subflows. Subflows are completely seperate flows that can either live on their own and be ran independently or be used within other flows as a means of simplifying your creations.

Read more about why subflows are useful here.

Create new tabs by clicking the plus in the bottom bar.

Right click on the subflow tabs to be able to duplicate, rename or delete subflows within a workbook.

You can convert flows into subflows with a couple clicks!

Converting nodes into subflows

Whenever you have a flow that’s getting too cumbersome you can break it up into subflows. Subflows are great for keeping things modular and understandable.

Highlight the group of nodes you want to exist as a subflow and click the make subflow button in the bottom bar!

Alt text

The nodes you selected to group will automatically be transported into a seperate flow and the inputs/outputs will be autoadded.