User view is the best way to simplify the interface of an flow you’ve built. This is great for sharing flows with others or to simplify your own experiencing when triggering an flow.

Switch to user view with the external-link icon in the top left corner of the flow builder page.

Alt text

Defining user view inputs

The inputs displayed in your user view are automatically derived from your input nodes.

If you check the box “show as user input” in an input node it will immediately be displayed within the user view.

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Select the input type that is appropriate for the input. If you want the user to choose a number (like number of pages to scrape in a page scraping flow for example) then you would select the ‘number’ input type.

Use Case

Consider a complex flow designed to scrape data from a website and process it in various ways. If you want to share this flow with someone who lacks technical expertise, the User View simplifies this process. The user only needs to provide the initial website URL. The complex details of the flow are concealed, replaced by a user-friendly, dynamically generated interface. This way, the user can use the automation without needing to understand how it works.

The image below displays an example output.

Alt text