Being able to upload and download files is essential to many flows.

File Upload

If you want your flow to be able to read from a local file you need to upload it to your remote workspace.

From the pipeline builder click on the folder icon in the top left of your screen. The following popup will appear (might look a little different for you)

Alt text

Select the “Upload File” option and upload your local file! Deleting a file deletes it from our servers forever so be careful!

File Download

The only way to generate a file on Gumloop is to use the Generate File Node.

This node will take whatever text input you feed it will write that content a file of the type you selected.

This file will appear at the bottom of your flow run log with a clickable download button

Alt text

Supported File Types

  • .csv
  • .pdf
  • .json
  • .txt
  • .html

We only support these file types currently because these are the ones we’ve seen a need for thus far.

File Help

If you need us to add support for a different file type email us at!